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Siamakme: Your Best Choicefor Thai Shrimp Feed

        Established in 2000, Siamakme Aquatic Feeds Co., Ltd has quickly become one of the most competitive manufacturers of shrimp feeds based in Thailand, because our feeds consistently achieve low FCRs while maintaining premium shrimp meat coloration and texture.
        We provide complete lines of feed for the Black Tiger Shrimp, the Whiteleg Shrimp and the Giant Freshwater Shrimp to ensure rapid growth of your shrimp at all stages.
    Our products, as always, are backed by decades of technical expertise supplemented by continual research and development as well as up-to-date government certification.

      For the best shrimp feed in Thailand, look no further than Siamakme Aquatic Feeds, Co., Ltd.

Featured Products

Black Tiger Shrimp Feed
Our Black Tiger Shrimp Feed is especially suited for Penaeus monodon's carnivorous diet and high growth potential.  Read More

Whiteleg Shrimp Feed
Our Whiteleg Shrimp Feed nutures Litopenaeus vannamei's active lifestyle while giving you great returns.  Read More

Semi-Intensive Shrimp Feed
Our Semi-Intensive Shrimp Feed gives you great returns for all marine shrimp in low-density cultures.  Read More

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